Latin Summer Language Program

Latin Summer Language Program

Unique Features of the Program

By covering the equivalent of two years of college-level Latin courses, the Summer Latin Institute helps undergraduate students to meet their language requirement and prepare for advanced courses in Latin.  Graduate students can expect this program to enable them, with the help of a dictionary, to read Latin on their own; they can then use this skill to pass departmental language exams or to aid in their own research.  Our faculty is composed entirely of faculty and graduate students from the Classics Department who have extensive experience teaching Latin courses at the University of Virginia.  While they offer a wide variety of knowledge and interests, all faculty members share an energy and enthusiasm for teaching the Latin language.

Program Structure

Because of the intensive nature of this program, you should expect to spend much of each day either in class or preparing assignments for the following day.  Each day will involve three hour classes in the morning and in the afternoon, as well as an additional evening session for one-on-one or small group instruction.  The purpose of this rigorous schedule is to immerse you in Latin to the greatest extent possible and to maximize the extensive progress that we expect you to have achieved by the end of the program.  All students who enroll will be expected (barring medical or family emergencies) to be free to attend every class session.

Daily Schedule
9:00am-12:00pm        morning session
1:00-4:00pm                afternoon session
4:00-7:00pm                evening session (optional)

Required Books

First Half:
Wheelock's Latin (7th ed.) F. Wheelock & R. LaFleur ISBN: 9780061997228
Thirty-Eight Latin Stories (5th ed.) A. Groton & J. May ISBN: 9780865162891
Second Half: 
Packet for pickup, details TBD
Allen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar (ISBN-13: 978-0486448060) 
All students will also need to have a hard-copy of a Latin dictionary.