French Summer Language Program

French Summer Language Program

Unique Features of the Program

Unique to UVA’s Summer Language Institute in French, a special track has been created to meet the needs of graduate students preparing to pass proficiency exams or preparing for research in French archives.  These students will have the opportunity to combine the regular SLI program in French with a special session in translation specifically designed to address graduate students’ needs.  Students taking advantage of the special “Graduate Student Session in Translation,” will enroll and participate in all Institute sessions and activities—morning, afternoon and evening—for the first four weeks of the program.  After acquiring a base knowledge and proficiency, during the second half of the program graduate students replace the evening session with the special translation course…the best of both worlds! 

Program Structure

Monday through Friday, students meet for three separate but coordinated sessions: morning, afternoon & evening. 

Attendance in the three sessions is required of all students, regardless of whether they are enrolled for credit or non-credit. Furthermore, every student, regardless of type of enrollment, must earn a passing grade in each class of the first half of the SLI in order to participate in the second half of the program.