UVa does not offer any scholarship support for summer language study. Financial aid is only available for currently enrolled, degree seeking students. See Summer Session Financial Aid. For visiting students, it may be possible to apply for a FLAS through your home institution.  UVa graduate students should consult the Director of Graduate Studies in their department to inquire about the availability of GSAS funds for summer language study.

Note to students applying for financial aid through UVa: please be sure to request an early enrollment from the SLI office.

Project Go

Project GO is funded by the Defense Language Office, working through the National Security Education Program. UVa is not a direct recipient of Project Go funding, however individual ROTC cadets may apply to Project Go for scholarships to cover the costs of critical language study at the SLI.

"Critical" languages offered through the SLI 
Arabic, Chinese, and Russian.

All ROTC students (Army, Air Force, Navy/Marines), contracted or not contracted, at any year of undergraduate study and enrolled in any US university are eligible to apply for a Project GO scholarship.

To obtain more information: 
Go to the national Project Go website: http://www.rotcprojectgo.org/.