Arabic Summer Language Program

Arabic Summer Language Program

The University of Virginia Arabic Program is pleased to announce its intensive summer language program offered through the Summer Language Institute. This summer we are offering Arabic Level One and Arabic Level TwoArabic Level One students will learn the equivalent of two semesters of Introductory Arabic (8 credits) in an eight-week period. Arabic Level Two students will learn the equivalent of two semesters of Intermediate Arabic (8 credits) plus an introduction to Levantine Colloquial (1 credit), for a total of 9 credits.

The Arabic Program selects only experienced and caring teachers who enjoy the challenges of the program. We offer special conversation and cultural sessions, promoting the Communicative Method of language instruction.

Why Study Arabic?

Studying Arabic at the University of Virginia will give you the ability to communicate with more than 330 million of the world's population and prepare you for an adventure of discovery in the Arab world—a cradle of civilization and birthplace of monotheistic religions. The Arabic language also unlocks the door to a wealth of diverse literature (including fiction, science, philosophy and religion) composed over the past 16 centuries. Unlike most modern languages, after completing 200-level courses, you will be able to access texts dating back a millennium and a half!

Unlike most summer Arabic programs which focus exclusively on Modern Standard Arabic, the Arabic SLI combines instruction in Classical Arabic and Colloquial Levantine. This innovative curriculum is based on the belief that colloquial and classical studies are mututally reinforcing. That is, study of colloquial at once promotes a deeper understanding of classical and unlocks the subtle layers of cultural meaning that permeate everyday life in the Arabic-speaking world.

Whether you aspire to study Arabic for work in government and NGOs, or for higher studies in literature, religion, and political science, or simply for your own personal fulfillment, the SLI will equip you with the language skills and cultural knowledge you'll need.