June 9 - August 2, 2019

The 2019 Summer Language Institute offers eight-week courses in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Latin, Russian, and Spanish. Students attend classes five days a week and up to seven and a half hours a day. Listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills are developed in a student-centered environment.       

Polyglots are made, not born. Just do the math...

  • 8 + 12 + 2 = Rapid Language Acquisition

    What this means is that in just 8 weeks, participants earn 12 credits and cover the equivalent of 2 years of language study in the French, German, Latin, Russian, and Spanish programs. Students enter the SLI with no prior knowledge of the language and exit with intermediate-level proficiency, ready to take on the next challenge whether it's study or travel abroad, 300-level college language courses, or graduate-level research. The 12 credits you earn through SLI satisfies the language requirement at UVa and many other colleges and universities.

  • 8 + 8 + 1 = Success in Chinese and Arabic

    The Chinese and Arabic SLI programs yield 8 credits in 8 weeks and cover the equivalent of 1 year of college-level instruction at the introductory level. 

  • 4 skills approach x 5 days/week = Communicative Competence

    Participants in the Institute attend classes five days a week, up to six hours a day, with additional programming in the evenings. All four communication skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) are developed. Rigorous classroom instruction combined with an array of exciting co-curricular activities build both linguistic and cultural competency.

  • A Community of Learners > Self-Study

    A dedicated group of language learners and a talented team of native and near-native teachers come together each summer at the SLI to create a learning community that is greater than the sum of its parts. We welcome applications from advanced high school students (rising juniors and seniors), graduate and undergraduate students, professionals, and members of the local community. Click here to apply.

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